Greg Cooper Spencer has honed his craft as a hairstylist and groomer over the last 24 years by immersing himself in the world of hair design and grooming. His clients come from all walks of life because of his skills. His eye as an artist has captured many with his elaborate cuts, and hair designs.

He has a knack for capturing and enhancing a client’s signature style, whatever that signature style may be. Added to that, is Greg's personality. His personality is also a reason for clients wanting him as their personal hairstylist and groomer. Greg’s genuine charm welcomes you and relaxes you with a smile. He engages you in conversation and leaves you feeling that not only have you found your go-to hairstylist but that he is someone you wouldn’t mind grabbing dinner with after your appointment.

Greg is also accomplished photographer whose work has appeared in galleries and ads and has been used for stage sets on runways. He specializes in portrait, fashion, artistic and journalistic photography.

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