What you see, has to be what you get.

Just the other day I was doing a haircut and a shave on a client. There’s a moment in the steps when i’m almost done and i’m cross checking the face, removing steam towel, applying the moisturizing serum, and massaging the face slowly in all directions making sure the skin is free from stubble. By this time, his energy is the calmest and his whole body is completely limp. I have a hard time even disturbing him, but the service is wrapping up, so we close with a cool towel on the face to close the pores. As I raise the chair to the upright position his eyes open, and he says “you can tell you love what you do”, I replied what made you say that? He replied “I’m a licensed massage therapist and you really should consider becoming one.”….  It’s one thing to be seen, it’s a complete other to be acknowledged. -GregTheGroomer

Be consistent

I have several clients with bald heads who cherish their beards just as they would if they had a full head of hair. Hair is hair. It’s the emotional attachment with the experience, that has to stay consistent. -GregTheGroomer

Maintaining Your Tools

Good Morning. If it hasn’t been a moment prior to now that’s made you feel like you’re running out of time, know there’s ALWAYS time. Every moment you’ve  gone through, no matter how disappointing or frustrating (I promise you) it is ONLY honing ‘your’ innate tools that you may, or may not be aware of. They’ll soon become useful, as long as you’ve payed attention to what their purpose was. Whatever you want WILL show up as long as you are present and grounded in what you wish the outcome to be. Be careful what you ask for, not because you ‘might’ get it, ONLY because you WILL.  -GregTheGroomer

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