I’ve had clients referred to me that are new to the city, and I’ve referred clients to barbers in other cities when they are out of town. The challenge for me (outside of time) with new clients, is always to make their experience with me better than what they’re used to. This can be tricky because for the most part they have been with their previous barber or stylists for years. You ask what can a tailor, apartment, client, hairstyle and whatever else you can think of have in common? Fit. It has to be the right fit, or no one gets what they need or want from the interaction. Not always, but most times when we go against our own judgement as artists, we may not be inspired from the individual, which makes it difficult to produce and as a result the client is left feeling unfulfilled and/or incomplete, no one wins. Challenges don’t deter me, but knowing I’m not meant to cut & style everybody’s head does. Trust me, the right clients are just as anxious to meet you, as you are them!  “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit” -Johnny Cochran      -GregTheGroomer

A sure way to paralyze your creativity is….

A sure way to paralyze your creativity is to feed your mind with doubt. I’ve told plenty of people in the past, including myself, “don’t beat yourself up, there are more than enough people out here willing and able to do it for you”, they may even be right next to you. Instead, try having the conversation with yourself as to why the client needs to be in front of you. -GregTheGroomer

Transparent. Self Assertive. Venturesome.

Transparent. Self-assertive. Venturesome. This is who so many of us, as people are by nature. Life gives us all opportunities to practice when and how to apply these characteristics in any circumstance we might find ourselves. I know I even apply it when working with my clients while doing their hair. The reward: being surrounded by the type of clientele I wish to have.A few years ago I was doing an interview with a magazine, and one of the questions was “What is the most important advice you would give your younger self?”. As I opened my mouth to answer, tears flooded my eyes and I couldn’t find words. I tried over again, and the same thing happened, only the tears became even harder to control. What I realized in that moment is that it would not have been words that I would tell my younger self. It would have been feelings that I would show him. These feelings, of being transparent, self-assertive, and venturesome are what I have used to date as the principles of how I not only build my clientele, but the strong relationships I have in general.  -GregTheGroomer

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