An experience should never be quick.

Jimmy owns the deli that I go to on my lunch break. This guy is hilarious and his favorite words are “Greg fit me in real quick”, I respond “you need to make an appointment it’s not that simple”. Fast forward, I skip my lunch break and take em, as I finish he replies “WOW, I need an appointment every week”. He works 3 doors down from the shop–my goal is to make him forget about everything, and focus only on the now while he is in my chair. I’m consistent, this goes for anyone in ANY profession–your title shouldn’t determine the type of service you receive, but your attitude can. 

the FADE

My first post of 2017–2016 is gone just like that. With everything going on from the killings to the election, it’s more important than ever to find and keep something that you know for sure gives you complete purpose and enjoyment. If you haven’t realized by now what that thing is for me, take a guess. I was recently featured at for a piece on the History of the Fade (link below). It was a lot of fun–so much that it inspired me to create this short video. I hope you’re inspired some way because of it.

Look past what’s in front of you.

It took me a while to realize that hair was merely a starting point for me. I did it so much for fun (before getting paid), that it became something that I just enjoyed doing. I feel alive, and understand my complete purpose in that moment when I’m creating, styling and connecting. We as artists are here to interpret the next moment for our clients, and that can be difficult with a first time client. They come to us because they may need that push to get up, or that added confidence to land that job, or even sometimes because their time with us is an escape from outside. Looking past what’s in front of me, and allowing myself to take it all in, grounds me in my purpose. -GregTheGroomer

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